Educated horses

My very first post in English! Right after coming here to Caltech. Seems so long ago…

This is a story that will give you a thrill. We have five orders of magnitude to chase in neurobiology sensing. And there are scattered light hologram-based devices that can focus inside non-transparent tissue. Quantum optics is really pushing the field forward, though there is not really mush quantum in this invention. I would like to propose an error-correcting cat state. Such states are really easy to collapse, one local measurement and it’s gone. I’m sure if you shine a lot of lasers on the cat it can be in a real badass quantum state. Some matrices may have gapped spectrum well outside the realm of quantum physics. What would topological classification mean for them? I’d like to start with rate matrix in Markov process. Really big matrix. Guess they all belong to the same class, but if you add a symmetry.. Finally, there is this new tensor category language which i’m not friends with. Do you wanna ride? lol



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