What do I want to write modern fiction about?

Here are some ideas that might benefit from a fictional story that illustrates them:

1) When we find something fun on the web, we send a link to our friends. They may send this link further if they wish. This process is essential for the web popularity machine to function. What if this process is starting to pervade our offline life? Say, birthday gift ideas or halloween costume ideas may already propagate this way. Gossip’s been working like that since the beginning of time. Pickup lines and love confessions are also not written by the people who say them. They are not speaking in their own words.
The scary thing is that if you’re getting popular on the web, you have to accomodate the demand of your audience, and at some point it doesn’t really matter if you like what you post. Your personality dissapears. Same in real life, we get all the best and most colorful character traits by copying someone. So there is always a question how to produce something new? But that aside, people having their speech acquired are fun enough even without search for something new. What if their comfort zone only spans the situations where they have already been? What if their morals are strongly biased by the template, so that they don’t see they’re doing something seriously screwed up? What if a person has to use different templates in different environments – isn’t the loss of personality apparent in this setting? There is no pride in being oneself, but there is pride in copying well.

Before, we lived the best moments of our life once, and remembered them forever. Now we forget fast and try to click ‘replay’.

I don’t want to write about loss of personality and the pain of losing it. I want to write about people who live with acquired personalities and explore what crazy situations can develop if the personality is detached from a person. Say five absolutely identical persons descend into the world, meet different social groups and develop a completely different behaviour.

2) It’s easy when everyone just wants things. Or sex. Or whatever. It’s a little more complex when you want a cetain someone to be one or another way. But it starts to get insane when you want that person to want you to be one particular way. In other words, you don’t care about the person, but you care if that person cares or not about you.

What do you do if someone you love is doing something wrong? Something that seems wrong to you, that is. Usually, lovers are forgiving at first, but then they get more and more frustrated. On the other hand, if you try to care how things seem for your lover, you easily get overwhelmed. Nothing is right anymore, and you don’t know what to say. I’d like to write how people learn to not care about each other too much. Some never learn 🙂

Why is it postmodern? It hardly is, I still don’t know the definitions. Writers have described such problems before, I guess. But I’d like to stress out how the culture of being nice and kind to people fails when faced with these problems.


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