classification vs. ranking

It’s funny how a theoretician like me would want to think what sorts of things are out there, whereas my friend experimentalist would rather name his top 10 favorite of them.

In case of music, a pop music fan has a blog where he would post top-100 songs of his choice every year. For me, however, it’s more interesting to list the kinds of music I get to hear in my life. It’s gonna be a very practical classification, one that asks the question “what is this music useful for?” instead of commonly asked “what’s this music style?” So here I go:

  • To enter a front yard of an estate in a chariot and step on the red carpet in a shining victorian jacket
  • To ride a chariot to battle
  • For a surgeon to concentrate before a surgery
  • For a supervillain to play on organ in his den in times of idle planning to conquer the world (Ode to joy will top the list here)
  • For just me, to be humming unconsciously in the middle of the day
  • For a small Jewish boy to show off his skill with an instrument
  • Something that can be a soundtrack for Lord of the Rings
  • Something that can be a soundtrack for a computer game
  • Dance music! one-two-three, one-two-three
  • After a nuclear war, an old radio is playing a song in a deserted capital
  • To beg for money
  • To reach religious trance

And here are a bunch of good sounds that are practically useless:

  • sentimental mood of an educated gentleman
  • educated gentleman suffering of love
  • Chinese symphonic orchestra with a bunch of old instruments and a title like “bird’s song over a mountain river in moonlight”
  • All that jazz

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