Idea for a short story

In the army, on a mission in a devastated country with refugees and uncooperative locals, an officer questions his own power. He holds interrogations, threatens and manipulates the civilians as well as his own troops. His every day is gloomy because it’s actually a hard work. His unit doesn’t have enough resources, so he has to confiscate civilian property. His unit is also severely undermanned, so any serious threat would wipe it out. Thus he has to do a very good job in preventive actions and reconnaissance. Violating the rights of prisoners is the only way. Also, only if he acts like this, the local rebels and criminals will fear him. It helps that he doesn’t see much human in the indigenous population. All of them are ugly, aggressive and do not know compassion. But since he only interacts with them, and his sergeant and his troops, he soon becomes like that too. Only speaking in swear words, combining the local dialect and the language from his country, performing corporal punishment. He just wants all this to end, and to return to his home and his family. And then he meets this beautiful local woman. He sets out to get her for himself, which puts a serious threat on the whole unit in the end. This is the only time when he ignored the strategical planning and tactics in favor of his personal feelings. He hadn’t done so for the feelings of mercy or for humanistic ideals, or for human rights and equality, for friendship or inspiration. All these feelings he discarded long ago, and even though he had a chance to show them mercy etc., now he is in the near death situation because he choose to show them lust as the only trait of his personality that survived. Maybe if he risked for a better ideas before, things wouldn’t be so bad as now. In a fierce fight, he survives till the reinforcements arrive. The woman is prosecuted as a war criminal. It is not clear what is her role in this, but the officer suddenly does not have the courage to visit her in the cell. He goes home psychologically incapable of talking to women.



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