Other important questions

Most of my intellectual effort was devoted to answering the questions “How to make friends with random people” and “How to start a conversation with a girl”. But to show that I’m not narrow-minded, here are some other questions of life whose importance I appreciate:

  • How to live in style, so that ordinary everyday is way different from the experience of the majority of your peers?
  • Which part of culture (besides anime and computer graphics) to choose to be good and knowledgable at?
  • How to find people and organize an event without being completely devastated by the process?
  • Which kind of spiritual experience does a theoretical physicist accept without harm to the professionalism?
  • How to actually fight corruption in my own country? (sorry, politics)
  • Can we really change the apparently destructive global trends (e.g. overpopulation, shorter attention span)?
  • How to become popular on the web?
  • How to be comfortable being rude to my friends, if I’m not?
  • How can two people who are not officially anything express their sexuality to each other without actually offering sex (e.g. Rocky Horror, club dancing)?
  • How to deal with enormous amount of books already written, painting already drawn etc.? Should we still write/paint more?

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