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What crazy things am I gonna do if I get rich

I was considering what crazy things I am gonna do if I get rich.

The general idea is that after hipster subculture to be trendy, the next one should be nerd subculture. Only under the mask of nerd subculture people would learn that there are way more possible interests and hobbies, not only the ones that are considered ‘nerdy’. There are also some that are just not well know, you can only stumble upon them if you use your mind more. So how to foster this transition in the society, if I have some money to waste?

The way to do it would be to organize a competition every day. A challenge. Only about 10 people can enter a challenge a day. The conditions are:

  1. You have to be knowledgable.
  2. You have to show your girlfriend/boyfriend.

The competition is held via Skype. There shouldn’t be other helpers in the room. You are given a task (solve a textbook problem, come up with a bright startup idea, recite a poem that you know, argue in a philosophical dispute, etc.) If you perform well and the referee is convinced you’re nerdy, your girlfriend/boyfriend gets 100$. In an immediate wire transfer.

The results of a competition and the portraits of couples who win are published at the end of the day. Their responses and the organizers original intended answers are published too. Of course some of the participants immediately would become a target of troll attack. But the main idea is that this is an internet equivalent of a TV show like “who wants to be a millionaire?”. People who like the style of questions and enjoy learning while reading the answers will visit the website daily (or subscribe). Some questions will be left unanswered and the discussion in the comments will arise.

If this catches on, it can be a good platform for advertising a lifestyle of the new subculture.

  • Print out a maze on one sheet of paper, and a square in the center on another. Cut the hole in the square. Now put the sheets together and you get a maze-solving puzzle! You cannot see the whole thing, only the nearest walls. You can travel and move a square with you. Compete against your friends and against time!
  • The winning on skype should be accompanied by a sound effect, like it should in a TV show. Musicians will be suggested to submit their short music pieces for the sound effect. The editor’s pick will be the sound that represents the most godforsaken direction in modern music, but is at the same time catchy and draws emotion.
  • At some point the coca-cola company will negotiate about their product placement in the show. Then, the organizers note that coca-cola is contained in every cafe and food place in a dirty refill stations. It is often mixed with water in an unknown proportion in those tanks, and tastes awfully. The coca-cola company should offer the people to submit their recipes of drinks that are preserved well in the refill station, and are actually healthy, and ship those across America to fill one random tank of refill station in each cafe. Then people would search for the “special” drink, post their findings on the web and try to investigate which recipe was shipped to them today. It is a total rebranding of a refill station as an adventurer’s chest of potions!

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