Chakra of the heart

In the language of yoga, it’s not very strong in me. As a result, I find it difficult to talk to people driven by emotions. How to have a good time with them? How to make a positive impression? What if they actually want to love me, but I don’t give them any chance to feel comfortable about it? All these questions, and I only have few speech samples soon to be forgotten, and no clear direction where to go from there.

There is another something that nobody warned me about. Apparently being a bystander in someone else’s love story is very weird experience. One day you talk to a girl, and both of you have fun. Next day she wouldn’t reply to any of your messages, or sound like she’s crying on the phone, and quickly end the conversation. In two weeks, you find out that that day she got into relationship with a guy. So all her actions were quite appropriate for the situation. But for two weeks, you are completely clueless – was there something wrong with you?


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