Look like a model

A quick look at the facebook pages of famous male models, as well as some of the corresponding fashion journals – and you see some of the tricks of their trade. Later, inspired by TV show America’s New Top Model, and especially the instagram feeds of its participants (they look like ordinary people irl), I decided to give it a try myself. Everybody needs a selling pic. Fashion provides a convenient way to look the part. So now it is fashion week! Each day I go to work in a new outfit, and my friend will take pictures of me. The typical 3 arrangements are

  1. white background, torso.
  2. full body to the knees in an interesting environment.
  3. sitting with NO SOCKS.

I can’t say we quite made it from the first try, but here are the results (mainly to encourage every reader to break the fashion!)



It was extremely important to tidy my hair! Nothing looks professional without it.



Again, socks – no fashion, fashion – no socks!




Keep up, and by the end of the week contracts will rain on you.


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