practice with the mirror!

In fact, all our life can be premeditated and practiced in front of the mirror. Yet people who decide to do so are generally frowned upon. It is more prized to be “genuine”. I would like to go against this flow, and post in public how practicing on my own helped me improve in different areas of life. Last time is was my fashion sense, and photos I got in that mock photoshoot significantly improved my web presence. I also found it the hardest to just stand upright as a fashion pose, or catwalk. Which means more practice required!

This time, we’re going to familiarize ourselves with million of dance moves and choreos that can be found on YouTube. I got one of them from our hip-hop class:

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 9.10.20 PM

We are preparing to the dance show this weekend! And even though I joined the classes for the last few month, I’ve never practiced it on my own. So the first hour I devoted to it alone, I found that I am much slower than the music! It took me about 20 runs through the whole thing to get it up to speed. It is truly helpful that the song marks the moves I need to make, so I can compare where I am to the music. Most songs do not have distinct checkpoints, so I suggest starting with the one that does. In my case, it’s Beyonce’s 7/11, where she dances and comments on the moves she’s doing by singing: “Oh, my hand’s up! Now my foot’s up! Don’t ever drink that alcohol!”


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