Obesity in US: pros and cons

I encourage you to explore charts #7&8 about confidence and sexuality of people with different body type, registered on a dating website OkCupid.

We see that about 1/2 of women and 1/4 of men do not burn all the fat they eat. And about 1/4 of women (those who selected “curvy” as their body type) are arguably better off than their average counterparts. They even get better self-confidence scores starting age 29. So those are pros.

Cons: if you read medical lit, it turns out the fat that’s being stored in the body is the cause of many diseases, most notably heart, spine, joints are not happy. Which means all those 1/2 of women and 1/4 of men will have to pay a sum with many zeros to their doctors starting the age 60.

Pros again: but if you actually want to change the body type, the trouble you need to go through is enormous! Even the average recommended US exercise routine is harder than anything I’ve ever done in my life: 5 moderate 30min intervals of cardio/aerobics per week, and 3 “vigorous” ones. I don’t even know what “vigorous” would be 🙂 And to change your body type, you need to #domore. Much easier to find a source of self-confidence in whatever you already are, like “curvy” women did in the picture above.

Cons again: for a guy, though, self confidence doesn’t do magic. You have to work hard, either to change your body type, or to develop some other attractive character trait. There’s no free lunch. Some may say that self confidence is an attractive character trait by itself, but they should read  messages by FedoraGuys, and figure how attractive is that.


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