Actual conversations’ transcripts

In the About page, I promised to precisely quote the conversations I had with people. It’s been awhile ago when I did that, now it’s mostly the imaginary conversations that go into this blog. But let me scan through the posts and  see if there are any real conversations I’ve written down:

  • Hi!
  • Hi!
  • Let’s go to West Hollywood!
  • Afterparty in <their own house>!
  • What the!
  • meter over meter is dimensionless!
  • Ask her for an autograph – that will make her happy!
  • I’ve seen people leading west coast swing while sitting in a chair.

(1 year ago) …Also, on a dance lesson a girl told me that I smell bad. You should’ve seen my reaction to that! I was lost, awkward, flipping my eyelashes. I said I might. Flipping eyelashes, I said sorry. I stepped a step away from her, giving her space. I was speaking some nonsense for ten or twenty seconds.. It didn’t make me angry, even for a second. It didn’t make me do a sarcastic remark. Guess I’ll never be sarcastic when someone is so honest.

Here’s what she said: “You know, dances are such a close contact, so I don’t know if you noticed, but it is important to, kind of, smell really good. You can use try using deodorant..” After I said sorry: “No, you’re fine!”

  • I’m done avoiding you.
  • “I can’t go, because my sister wedding is on the same day!” – “How dares she!”
  • Go, Pasadena, Go! You’re beautiful!

(2 years ago) …I think I have to resurrect that personality from 3 years ago. I have never used this personality in the US. In California, at least. But I think it’s time. World is calling for me. That’s why I kept this blog – so that I can leap back in years and get that carefree feeling back again.

By ‘world is calling’ I mean two Asian girls who looked at me today, on Pie day. I don’t even know them. One liked my rollerskates, the other reached for her backpack in the library, and our eyes met. She laughed and smiled to me (maybe, I didn’t really look straight at her). The current me didn’t really want to start a conversation (I’m old!). But the me from the past certainly would say something!



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