Simplify your life

The sunsets are soft and quiet at the end of May. They say one of the messages of Harry Potter books is that complexity always wins over brainwashing, unity and simplification. How is it to win, though, is not specified.

We have the end of the term, the exams and course project deadlines are approaching. As I said here long time ago, “it’s not the best time to be a bore”. Maybe later. I have a lot of complexity prepared for this blog and for the world in general, but I am hesitant about stopping a person I know on the street and starting to talk about something irrelevant for anything they’ve been thinking about before. They will only tolerate me for so long. So, let’s be simple!

It’s better to go for a walk in a soft evening sun, than staring at your mail while chewing on Chipotle. Even if nobody joins you on that walk, still don’t forget to ask them.

Also, curiosity. It killed the cat, but it’s good for you.

This post is a translation of a post I wrote in Russian 5 years ago. It fits today perfectly.


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