Complaints and who to address them

In a world centered around success, be it in classes or in career, it’s perfectly okay to complain about the obstacles you find there. In everyday lunch conversations you can hear people complaining about their work/coursework being not where they want it, as well as lack of sleep and stress that comes from it. It’s also okay to complain about weather, rudeness of strangers and high prices/low quality of consumer goods. But is somehow not okay to complain about one’s personal life in a casual conversation. To find a way to channel the latter complaints, one need to either contact a therapist, or invite a good friend out for a meal. Then if that person values you for some other reason, he may patiently sit through your complaints. Notice: if other complaints can be voiced when they arise, for personal complaints you need to schedule a time, possibly a few days later in the week, and rely on resources that are not always available (not everybody has friends who would listen to them, and even among those not every friend is approachable to talk about personal issues).

Writing them in a blog is a good way to alleviate this delay. Other issue is that some complaints are person-specific, and only make sense to those who know the person in question. For that case, finding a person in the same circle and starting a conversation with them may be a good choice. Complaining directly to the person who causes you personal troubles is likely a bad choice, as well as being public about it on social media.

(Headline photo: in a Chinese company, there’s a special day when employees are allowed to wear masks so that they don’t have to force the smile on their faces)


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