Creativity boost under pressure

Have you noticed? The craziest ideas come when you feel drive. When you’ve just barely made it. Usually, you don’t have any use for them at that time. Fortunately, I have my blog to write them down.

(cover image: Scott Scheidly, “Ruysch’s Dream”, see it at

How comfortable are you being the object of attention of strangers? Largely depending on what you do. If you have an honorable goal, like popularizing science or advertising your school, your club – then attention is desirable. But what about strangers being interested in you because you look cute/attractive/sexy? That’s not usually the case for guys, unless you’re in 5 percents of most attractive ones. In my life, I once had a guy posing as gay commenting on my butt – and that’s about it. So looks are not a way for guys to draw attention. Maybe having rare items/devices is a way – many people talked to me about my roller-skates. But it feels much less interesting and loaded  than using looks and clothes. I’m not very eager to experiment with what would be a proper substitute, but at least I get ideas that I can write down. One way to attract attention and at the same time be “interesting and loaded” is the role of a prankster. I’m thinking of some funny behavior: like suddenly becoming religious “I indulge your sins”, “Ohm”. Maybe a relaxing joke. Seriously, we have to be a competition to just sexy people! There’s a joke about photo contest:

-I won the third place with a photo “Lonely old man”…

-And I won the first place with “Boobs”!

Idea #2: In the library we have them moving isles (shelves). One can climb on top of them and fall asleep there. Then, when someone passes by, say “help me! I’m stuck”

Finally, I need to remember all those weird cheers I heard from high school kids on the marathon. “Go, Pasadena, Go! You’re beautiful!” Sometimes I want to cheer up runners on the street, but I don’t quite know what to say.

I tried yelling “Go, orange, go!” and it felt weird. Then I tried again, but held my chin up, so that nose was pointing at the sky. It felt much more positive. I felt like our theater director (he always holds his head like this). It’s a lesson for me.


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