Motivate yourself to invite a girl

How to talk to girls you don’t usually talk to? There are a lot of people whose name you forgot, or never had a conversation with. And never will, unless you show initiative. It seems 90% of the trick is how desperate you are. I don’t say that it’s the best way, but it works for me. If people don’t like you when you’re desperate, then maybe you’re being too selfish about it. I’m just generally paying attention not to inconvenience others, so even my desperate conversation attempts come off as harmless. But be sure to check that you are not “aggressively” desperate, that you are not going to blame or manipulate people. Okay, that disclaimer aside, let’s proceed.

I had a great idea for a date: Cherry blossoms, outdoor theater performance, whatever. And I did’t have anyone to go there with. I invited one good girl that I know, but she avoided me since:) So I’m desperate. The ticket expires next week. I don’t want this wonderful idea to go to waste just because I’m a theoretical physicist and I don’t know many girls. I’m sure almost anyone will be happy there. That was my thought process. And I was happy when I went alone.


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