This blog contains about 200 older posts where I just recorded the way people talk. I was hoping to improve my speech and charisma by doing that. Every time I didn’t have the right words to say, I thought it’s just because I need to remember what somebody else said in this situation. So I trained my memory to remember the exact wordings of conversations around me, and wrote them down here. Did my speech improve after doing that? I don’t think so. But my memory certainly did. I also channeled a lot of frustrations through this blog, in between the dialogue transcription. So I guess it helped me emotionally as a form of counseling.

Now the posts of this blog offer emotional support to the young people like me and analysis of the issues we’re facing. A Russian saying serves as an inspiration for this blog from the first days on:

Однажды я увидел пропасть между слабостью и силой. С тех пор не могу стать прежним.


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