Dogs of war

I watched an impressive anime movie “memories” (1995) yesterday. The third part of it was a strong anti-war message. And obviously, there are a lot of messages like that in our culture, but somehow we discard them as  soon as we believe that someone really bad and despicable is on the other side. We say: “It’s all just artist’s fantasies, artists are not good at politics, hippies are even worse, war is necessary now, nobody will cry over those bad guys”. I was told many times that I’m too young and not good at politics. Well, that may be true, but it doesn’t seem like anybody is good at politics nowadays. Even the politicians. They are the worst actually. Like a coach of a soccer team who is obviously the worst at making decisions, and is to blame for everything.

Well I think artists are just not good enough to provide a strong resistance against media’s brainwashing. It is media that has to change,  that has to ban all the hate-based material. And enough of that. Let’s talk about cute puppies instead:
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