How to party after a hard day

Oftentimes social events happen when we are tired. Almost any lab or group of coworkers has a social hour on Friday, after a whole week of work. Obviously, we are not in our top shape and not very witty at that hour. So the best we can do is just relax and go with the flow, enjoying the simple moments with people around us. But what if your social life is not in a good shape either? What if you’d really like to actively change someting during a trip to a bar with your colleagues on Friday night, meet new people, make a good impression, get invited to an event you want? Then you need to be able to do these things while being low on energy, tired, worn out. But what exactly changes in the way our mind works when we are tired? It turns out we are slower, not that witty anymore, and have trouble noticing opportunities that are right in front of us.

Let me give you an example. This Wednesday was a very long day for me. I spend the daytime discussing my work, then in the evening there was 3 hour long seminar, and finally a hip-hop class. After class, one of our dancers changed and went to DJ a party, while complaining a lot about how he’s gonna black out any moment, and not feeling like doing it at all. That was exactly how I was feeling too. I went to that party though. For the first half an hour I wandered around the graffity painted halls of Page, or stood still on the dance floor hesitating what to do next and trying to process what’s happening. I didn’t really talk to anyone, but each half an hour a thought appeared in my brain – something that I suddenly wanted to say to somebody. Here are those brilliant witty lines:

“Your faces look so funny in that purple light” .. 30min passes.. “How are you doing?”.. 30min passes.. “You are very good at it”.. 30min passes.. “You don’t mind me here, do you?”

You get the idea – you can’t rely on your brain to fill in blanks in the conversation when you’re tired. What I didn’t think of doing at that moment, even though it would’ve been a good idea, was:

  1. I had my smartphone with me, and the wi-fi was on. I could’ve friended somebody on fb.
  2. While wandering around the dorm, I saw a lot of people not joining the party but playing boardgames in their rooms instead. I could’ve asked them if the party disturbs their sleep cycle, just out of curiosity.
  3. I’d probably been better off if for one of those 30min pauses I’d just went playing pool or Super Mario, which was nearby.
  4. Now the theme of the party, which I wasn’t able to decipher until later, was about UV lights. Many items of clothing have a property of glowing in that light, but not my clothing. There were also glowing sticks, but for some reason it did not occur to me that I should take one.

In general, it seems I did everything not to attract much attention, so when yet another grinding human centipede bumped into me with one of its butts, I could only act embarrassed and get out of the way. Same when another grinding human centipede fell apart into three girls who started dancing in front of me, I first had the impulse to hide, get out of the circle. But I stayed dancing, which wasn’t any particularly impressive dancing, but strangely it kept my mood up. I’m glad that I went that night, and now I’m inspired to work on my clothes choices, so that I maybe stand out a little bit, get used to attention, get used to knowing people who dance with me and interact with them! For that, I’ll need to practice in front of the mirror, so that my facial expression and dance moves show clean and strong emotions and look confident. This is my piece of advice on partying tired.


Undergraduate party, 1st this year

As a 27-year old dude, I recently confirmed that most of the undergraduates (who are 18-22) are not very curious to meet me. If I introduce myself, they’ll talk just fine, but by default I’m not part of their world. Originally I had different opinion on this matter. I noticed how a few very charming and social graduate students would make udergraduate friends, and even date. And I thought that if I’m sufficiently funny and attractive (the word I’m looking for is dorky), then I can just go to an undergraduate party and make a lot of friends, maybe even hit on girls. I seriously thought that if a random guy starts a conversation with them while they are just standing there doing nothing, they will find it fun and go with it. To my surprise, every time I went in with that kind of mindset, party brought me very negative emotions, and I didn’t actually have a decent conversation with anyone.

So this year, I reevaluated my views on what it acceptable on an undergraduate party. First of all, I’m getting older, it’s actually crazy how most people dancing there are younger than anybody I ever hanged out with or dated in my life. And age does matter – here’s what convinced me that is the case: I’ve had a profile on a dating website for 5 month now, and all the people who ever visited my profile were 23+. Even if there are college girls looking for older men, they are looking for exceptional ones, like rockstars. Nobody would reply or even check a page of 27 years old theoretical physicist. And I’ve tried to start a conversation with quite a lot of college girls over the course of these month.

I’m not very upset about this, it seems like a natural order of things. At my age, I should do age-appropriate things while looking for a romantic partner. Why did I go to the undergrad party in the first place? It was actually not to hit on girls, even though I like them. My main goal was to dance, because most of my friends that are my age are not very interested in exploring LA’s parties. I myself will not feel very comfortable there, because I’m not used to that culture and my energy level is lower than most of the regular party animals. Undergrad parties on the other hand offered a chance to enjoy club music in a less intimidating environment. And also students are more likely to express themselves in ways that are fun for me.

For example, the theme of this party was “Victoria’s Secret fashion show”. Especially guys were encouraged to cross-dress, and show off their best lingerie. Obvious fact that guys don’t have any lingerie in their possession did not stop the party enthusiasts. I really wanted someone to make fun of all the absurdity around VS, and that felt like the right place for it. I’ve spend full 4 hours on the party, from beginning to end, and never felt like I have nothing to do or like I’m wasting my time. The trick was to take it slow, and smile at every fun and weird thing you see, and do every harmless idea that comes to your mind. I didn’t even have to drink alcohol, the mood of the people around was enough to keep me  happy, secure and relaxed.  Here are the highlights:

  1. They had sugarcane machine, and they weren’t very sure how to operate it. The sugar dust was flying in the air, creating a nice smell. Individual flosses descended like snowflakes, and undergrads tried to catch them with their mouth. The scene reminded me of a fantasy book about dragons of Fern who had to destroy these kind of airy objects before they reach the ground.
  2. I actually knew the DJ, so I’ve spend sometime watching the sound control panel that matches the complexity of an airplane cabin. The DJ’s friends also acted as go-go girls just out of good will.
  3. The butterfly wings were on a huge paintings, so one could stand in the center and take a winged picture of themselves. I stood there for sometime with my eyes closed while no people were around.
  4. I watched the podium where students encouraged each other to catwalk, and applauded with everybody. At some point, I started dancing on it and people joined me eventually. Same on the side of dance floor – at some point the lit square of dance floor became so crowded that people didn’t fit in anymore, so I was the one who started dancing on the regular floor, haha!
  5. I’ve met a person I TA’d, 2 people I was taking classes with and 2 girls from the same dance classes. The girls just said hi, but the guys would stay for a quick chat.  I even met 2 new guys, and got invited to an open mic next day.
  6. The girl that dances in the same class as me showed up late, dressed to the nines and with a boyfriend. That’s how I found out she has one.
  7. The athletes are incredibly tall. And in between punching each other, they always conspire to have more parties: either go to West Hollywood, or invite everybody to an afterparty in their own house.
  8. I want to tell a story of a person with a weak body, who has always been intimidated by physically strong people. He was thinking they could easily beat him up if they want, and that made him angry at how weak he is. But then he realized: I can protect myself if I want! I only need to buy a pepper spray. The fact they’re two times bigger doesn’t mean I can’t do anything. Thus conquering his own fear, that person felt calm. He didn’t need to but a pepper spray – he was able to enjoy his time even when stronger people are around him. This mental exercise is how one can regain composure and self-respect on the party.
  9. An arabic short guy showed up wrapped in some sort of muslim flag. He was either on drugs or just drank ten energy drinks. He ran around instead of walking, put tons of energy into dancing and imitating the dick movement with “mighty thrust”. At some point his muslim flag became a representation of his dick, and he started waving it around. He also took off his pants and started grinding with a cross-dressed guy. This whole episode blew my mind, because what if he’s really muslim and that how he thinks about himself when he’s drugged. Usually muslims are very serious about the restrictions their faith imposes.
  10. There is a demeanor that makes people rapidly turn their eyes away as if they don’t notice you. It’s pretty much like this with me: even though I danced quite a lot, I can count people who actually looked at me by fingers on one hand.
  11. Even though I completely gave up on talking to girls,  they still assumed the worst about me. Once, I collided with a girl at the exit from the party – I didn’t notice her when I was walking out. She thought I did it on purpose!
  12. A few people were stoned at the stairsteps, the girl was literally on the floor laughing, while a guy was repeating for the 10th time how he found out that “meter/meter is dimensionless!”

The more open-minded attitude brought me a better party experience, even if partying with people so much younger than me was bound to have “fitting in” problems. I admitted to myself that I actually don’t want to be bombarded by new names and faces, at least not now. I said to myself: don’t  try too hard to make new friends there. Maybe on one of the other parties (next posts!) I will explore the talking and making jokes again, but for now, I’d like to establish my comfort zone where I don’t need to start any conversations, I’m just being with the crowd and let other people be the entertainers, and myself the audience. It is lucky for me that I don’t stand out, that’s how I can just listen in on people who are having fun, and it’s almost not creepy. I enjoyed feeling lazy this time: I could’ve introduced myself to them and joined the conversation, but I don’t need it that much. The mind is clearer when I don’t know people next to me and don’t have any social obligations of talking to them. Also, the throat is not sore after 4 hours of party – amazing!

On drugs and EDM festivals

So when are you going to break free from this boring world with its restrictions, and go to EDM festivals which are the best place to experiment with different kind of drugs? I think this question has occured to many, given the prevalence of such stories in mass media. They go hand in hand – drugs and strange dance music. Sometimes the popular media also adds beautiful women. Indeed, you can hear braggery now and then about meeting 2 girls from another country who were “on the same drugs as him”, and spending the rest of the day in physical contact (all in the VIP zone in front of the stage).

The answer is surprisingly simple – if you got friends who are fun in such environment, go. Going alone is pretty much useless.

PS. Some of the EDM regulars are actually romantic, read Paolo Coello and such.

American party for dummies

So I’ve spent most of my analytic abilities on figuring out how to party right (instead of doing research to graduate).

Yesterday it was a GSC party themed by TV show Mad Men (they always try to encourage pickup, flirting and good ol’ 60’ies harassment). First hour was okay, then all who I knew left, and the usual GSC crowd remained.

Have you ever felt bad when other people are having so much fun at the party but you are left out, with noone you know and noone to talk to? I’ve decided to overcome that feeling and stay at the GSC party yesteday for all 4 hours of it’s time.

I didn’t drink. I also did not intend to do crowd-watching. My main goal was just to stand there, looking cute. It’s not easy, if you keep thinking “I have to talk with that girl” or something like this. But when I banished my desire to party or start conversations with girls, it felt muuuch better. There are indeed two main spirits that possess people’s mind there: one tells to act stupid and laugh, the other, mostly for guys, tells to chase girls in red dresses.

So if a guy is wandering around not able to talk to girls he like, he probably won’t be happy if you stop him and try to have a fun conversation. But he will be most happy if you promise to assist him in attracting attention, meeting new people etc.

There are many things going on at once at the party, but you don’t have to keep in mind them all. Just forget about two spirits-desires and you will feel comfortable no matter what’s going on.

Among the many things may be:girls bringing a new guy into company
guys energizing girls by making faces, jumping etc.
girls leaving the party, saying byes, then coming back
ballroom dances vs. club dance (some girl don’t want to dance with partner)
girl in red dress has 2 friends, who come to listen to all the guys entertaining the one in the red dress, but don’t talk or attract attention themselves

One more thing: sore throat gave me a lesson. Instead of telling stories and jokes without a stop, it is sometimes sufficient to say one or two words, very absurd, but with a serious face.